let’s not get sentimental
I do not have a way with words
I think of you endlessly


do what you want with me love
I swear I’d swallow every drop
of questionable truth spilling from your lips
I see it in your eyes, overflowing with it

hold me down I’m blowing up
your torment is mine
your torment is mine
your torment is mine



I couldn’t listen to you last night
stinging tears in my eyes
maybe it was me

I feel your fingers on my spine
lying in this state divine

what was I missing darling
I’ll keep it so close to my chest
as you light another cigarette

trying to cross this great divide


are you feeling good today?
I can see the skip in your step that wasn’t there last week
and will it be there in the next?
what should I expect?
did you miss me or did you just have a good weekend?
it seems like the time we spend is never wasted
I can still taste this

I can’t count the amount of times I’ve looked at you to find you looking away
but then again all I seem to do is catch your eye

I tell you things I haven’t told anyone
and I think you’ve done the same with me?
does that mean that we’re close because I feel so distant every time I think I’ve made baby steps
count my breaths

It seems like the time we spend is never wasted
I can still taste this

talk to your loneliness
it’s as scared of you as you are of it
stop being so terrified
if anyone in the world was going to treat you the way you should be treated
it should be you
or me

it seems like all this time could be wasted
I shouldn’t taste this


you make everything so god awful

aren’t we all terrified of being solitary

has my novelty worn off?

this one on you
if you’re honest

one day you’ll be looking for me
social media flicking like a magazine of what we used to be
are you just used to me

I’ll think you’re looking out for me
but you’re just tripping me up at every damn opportunity
this is is catastrophe
are you just too used to me

the touch of another’s skin will not cure your loneliness


5.35 am

Why do I feel nothing
Why do I feel nothing
This is so unlike me
We’re we holding onto something
It’s felt so unlike me


take me down to your river love

swallow me up

beside you I'm drowning

I’m giving you all I have left

freeze me to your chest
I’m bleeding
take me into your arms

I can’t keep away from you


I'm so very disorganised


and I can’t listen to music in bed at night without it

reminding me of you
I’m not supposed to think about it when

I’m alone

how does it feel to be in control
a side effect of my disorganization maybe
oh it haunts me love
I can’t seem to rise above it all

and it’s the full stop to end all of my sentences it’s you
I’m not supposed to think about it when I’m alone

tied tongues

tell me what you’re waiting for
I’m not the type to be
tongue tied but you left me here so I
if a waist is what you’re longing for love

I told you I’m going home

fleeting love

I’m so full of love I could build a house
I would do that for you
but it’s not like that now

and I know it was me
who decided to leave
but I’m so full of grief
I don’t know how to be

I’m so full of love I could burst at the seams
I showed that to you
and you showed that to me

and know it was you
who packed up and left
but I feel so blue
and so full of unrest

I was so full of love I was just overflowing
now all that I’m left with
is the sight of you going


we’re not kindred spirits love
we just can’t stand the heat
paint me gold and string me up
before I crumble at your feet

crack me open
just to see what’s inside
every syllable spoken is a place that I can hide

am I losing my best friend
am I losing my mind as well
I feel heavy like this feeling between us

eyes streaming
mouths screaming
you’ll never see me cry

you make my baby hairs stand on end

I don’t want anyone I swear it
I don’t need anything I swear if
I tell myself enough it’ll become true

carpet burn

I’m covered in carpet burn
my knees are more bruised than I’ve ever seen
blue flushes through my skin
it’s the happiest I’ve ever been

and if it’s good enough for you
it’s good enough for me too

I’ve never felt quite so alone
and there you are again
I should really ask more of myself and

us and you and me
but I think that would ruin the illusion

all my insecurities call out for you
pulsing with fear I guess I never knew
how to be without you

your breath on my neck should be irrelevant


3.13 am

I know it’s late
But you came into my space without saying a word
I could smell you in the air but I felt blind
Like I had to watch my back in the first place I’ve ever felt safe

© 2018 Slightly Official Music